Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Fat Lady Sings....No, Not American Idol

I cannot do it. I cannot let this go. "It ain't over until the fat lady sings."

Well, this fat lady can't sing..uh, well, I can. I do it all the time in the car, but you wouldn't want to hear me

I wrote an entry titled "The End" and I've deleted it. I can't end this blog, not matter how intermittent it may often be. I don't know why. It's like an old sometimes find you're not on the same page, perhaps you're moving in different directions, one of you is married while the other is not...yet, you know that they are always there.

I have friends who have moved away and now reside in other states. We keep in touch via email, phone calls and Facebook. It's true that it's not the same. We can't have lunch together, go shopping, meet for coffee and we can't call each other without considering the time difference...but I know they are there.

While I have gone through long stretches of neglecting this blog; it's always been here for me. I'm ashamed that I have taken it for granted when I should have been grateful. It's been here waiting for me to dance with it, sing with it, laugh with it and play with it. I sometimes have someplace else to be and that needs to be okay. It is okay. *ThumbsUp*

I'm over m'self now. *Wink*

Here in Northern California it's after Midnight. I have not wanted to go to bed without spending some time writing and posting an entry to my other blog (Kreative Notions). My goal this year is to become more present, to participate more in m' writing and crafting. I typically put my creativity off until everything else is perfect. Sadly, it is only my perspective that is not perfect. I've worn glasses since I was eight-years-old and I'm finding that sometimes, to see clearly, I need to take them off. Otherwise I simply spend too much time arguing with the reflection in the mirror. She has to be right all of the time.

There are days when I haven't a clue as to what to write about. "Write what you know."

Uh, don't ya' gotta know somthin'?

There are days, as a Domestic Goddess doing a lot of domestic stuff; mindless chores that provoke little thought, that I often sit down with pen and paper or netbook and consider the idea that I don't know anything at all. How do you make laundry sound appealing? *BigSmile*

But, I do know stuff. I know...

  • that our spirits are flexible and unbreakable; if not, mine would be shattered
  • that we must take care of ourselves before anyone else can
  • that we are all connected
  • that "Thoughts Become Things" as prescribed by "Notes from the Universe" (Tut)
  • that wishing is not the same as dreaming
  • that some people are meant to live in your life, while others are meant to simply visit
  • that toxic people, family or not, must go
  • that gratitude is the answer
  • that just because I have the right to do something; it doesn't mean it is the right thing to do
  • that mistaeks are mandatory
  • that everything is as it should be
  • that everything will be as it is meant to be
  • that miracles happen, and every moment is magic
  • that all I need right now is sleep
  • that what I know is a work in progress

Share what you know.

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