Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Finished List?

Long before I learned who Mike Dooley was I had one.  Long before I discovered The Secret I had one.  Long before I adopted the belief that “Thoughts become things” I had one.  Long before I knew anything about putting my intentions out into the Universe  I had one.

A wish list.

Recently I was tweeting with my friend Kim that I’d be so jealous if she acquired a Cricut.  She hadn’t and wondered if we should wish for one together.  It reminded me of something…

In the mid-1990’s my now husband and I decided to move in together.  We had some of the necessary conveniences needed to set up housekeeping, but for the most part we started our journey together with nothing.  Our first coffee table consisted of plastic milk crates covered with a towel.  Most of our furnishings were old, garage sale stuff given to us by friends.  Our dining table was one of those old metal, pull apart types, with vinyl covered seats I remembered from my childhood.  It was the definition of u-g-l-y!  It  served its purpose just as all of our other third hand furniture did.  To this day we remember “our first coffee table” with a giggle and gratitude.

Creating a home together meant joint purchases, desires and merged dreams.   We couldn’t afford to purchase everything we wanted all at once so one evening while sharing a coffee under the night sky and talking about the dreams we had for our home together I pulled out a piece of paper and started writing down every thing we desired to have.

The beginning’s of our wish list.

Our list moved with us into our house a year later.  We put everything and anything we wanted, needed and desired on this list.  It didn’t matter how large or small the item was.  We kept the list on our refrigerator and added to it as new desires presented themselves and crossed things off as they manifested in our lives.

I didn’t think much about it when the list was complete and I tossed it away breathing a sigh of relief as all of our wishes had been fulfilled.

The thing about life is that dreams, wishes, hopes, ideas, needs and desires continue to show up.  We’ve again been sitting and dreaming and talking about things we’d like to acquire, renovations and repairs we’d like to make to our home and changes we’d like to make to our tired, ol’, crab-grass filled landscape.

I recently suggested to my husband that I thought we needed another wish list.  He sort of laughed at the idea.  I reminded him of the list we used to keep and how over time we’d realized each and every wish on that list.  Keeping a wish list helps us to keep “our attention on our intentions” as my friend Suzanne recently tweeted.

I believe that having a wish list doesn’t mean you stare at it every day pining away and wondering when your dreams, desires and needs will be fulfilled.  Keeping a wish list means defining and writing down what it is you want in life and releasing your attachment to the outcome; let the Universe take care of the details and live with an attitude of gratitude for what you do have.  I didn’t realize until recently that was exactly what we had done.  It has been both incredible and amazing.

What do you wish for?  What would you like to manifest in your life?  What dreams do you have?  Write them down.  Define them.  Share them.  Then release them.  The Universe will take care of the details.  I promise.

I’m gonna have so much fun with that Cricut!

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