Thursday, October 28, 2010

Manifesting Whispers

Resolve or Re-Solve

January 1, 2010 began no different from most years. I resolved to change my life, my relationships, my body and myself. Every year I resolve to fix me, to become someone else.

I started on my usual roll. I was full of hope, plans, ideas and resolve. I created a vision board overflowing with everything I could think of and certain I was lacking. I tacked it to my wall and began to feel overwhelmed. How was I going to resolve all of my apparent issues? Was I resolving to make changes, to commit to growth and transformation? Was I simply making a list of things I thought needed to be re-solved?

For almost the first six months of the year, I berated myself for not practicing, acting and accomplishing my vision. Instead, I chose procrastination, denial and avoidance. Yes, I was dragging my feet through the mud and the muck I call fear.

Making New Choices

Deciding it was not too late to create change, to begin manifesting my vision, I took a Pleap (defined as "a Pink leap of faith" in The Pinktionary of Owning Pink) and signed up for a Zumba class in June via my local Park & Rec. I’ve had my struggles with this new experience, but I am now a regular participant.

In August, I took another plunge into the pool of pleaps. After a little hoop jumping and red tape Kreative Notions is slowly transforming and growing into itself as a business. I am slowly creating my vision, desires and plans for its development.

Whispers Manifest

Now at the end of October I’m taking stock of the past few months. I’m discovering that I do not have to obsess or declare my intentions from the top of a mountain to manifest growth, change and transformation. Intentions need not be loud or bold. They merely need to be honest, heartfelt and authentic. The Universe makes note of every whisper and every fleeting thought of appeal, interest and intrigue.

Over the past couple of months, I have inadvertently released whispers of wishes, desires and intrigue. Fleeting thoughts of “Cool,” “that might be fun,” “I might enjoy that” and “maybe I should try that sometime.”

I have released whispers about how delightful it would be to have a blog post featured on another website. I removed these thoughts from my mind as quickly as they arrived having convinced myself that I wasn’t “there” yet…until they manifested at Owning Pink; not once but twice!

I have whispered interest in coaching calls after reading a tweet or blog post about another's experience with coaching. I too removed these thoughts from my mind drenched in fear of the unknown…until it manifested into three coaching calls with Lisa Carmen of SacredSexyU when I won a contest Megan Monique was holding on her blog.

I then released whispers of intention when I kindly complimented Miss Megan stating, “I wanna be a Love Muffin when I grow up!” An opportunity for this too is manifesting as I type this.

What is so amazing is that I did not consciously release these intentions to the Universe. I have often thought that I needed to be focused on my intentions to manifest them. Perhaps that is not the case. I merely had fleeting thoughts of contemplation, desire and interest that I immediately let go. These recent juicy, sweet nibbles are teaching that I only need to allow myself to imagine the possibilities, release my attachments to them and be willing to accept them as they arrive. I could have easily declined each of these treats. I had set them aside for another time, but I do not believe in coincidences and it is becoming quite clear that the Universe wants me to embrace them now; rather than later.

Be careful what you wish for

Another lesson I am being reminded of is to watch, pay attention and note the quiet, negative whispers I may be releasing to the Universe as well. I’m well aware of the loud, robust, screaming-at-the-top-of-my-lungs negativity, but barely notice those that pass quickly through my mind. If fleeting whispers for positive change manifest, so too will fleeting whispers of negativity. Quiet moments of “I’m tired,” “I can’t,” and “I hate traffic” ensure that I will be exhausted, that I won’t and that there will be traffic.

Imagine that! “Thoughts [DO] become things…choose the good ones.” -- TUT


  1. >I'm hootin' and hollerin' for you all the way from California lady. Those vision boards are magic in their own way. Writing down dreams are magic. I recently found an old notebook of "100 Wishes" and cannot believe how many of them have come true, or are in the process. This is one of the reasons why I despise goals. We think we know, but the Universe knows so much more than we do.'s so much more pleasant to attach to the 'FEELING' of what something may be like when achieved. What I find is that experiences and opportunties just keep presenting themself to me. I get to pluck petals daily from the flower of life as to what thrills me.Wahooooooooo Syda. You're a magnificent creator and human. Much love to lady...and so much more juicy goodness too!

  2. >Thank you so much Kim! I can hear you all the way up in Sacramento! hee-hee. Love to you my delightful friend. This evening I am grateful for Kim. (((you)))

  3. >Terrific reminders about the power of intention even at the level of a whisper. I woke up this morning thinking about my own 2010 vision board and where I was "stacking up" on accomplishments. Thanks so much for your edifying's refocused my energies today. A blessing indeed!


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