Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Zumba Tickles

I like change. When the wings of change tickles.


In the spring of 2009 I joined Twitter wondering what the heck I was doing. No one I knew was on Twitter and no one I knew would be interested in Twitter. But getting involved with Twitter has been….transformational.

I follow a delightful group of individuals on Twitter. One lovely lady is passionate about Zumba. Kim Jenkins, otherwise known as @GratefulKim, loves, loves, loves Zumba! I didn’t know what Zumba was and not to look a fool I Googled it. It looked fun but I “don’t do groups” so I set it aside; a difficult thing to do when your time-line is filled with constant reminders. A blessing in disguise. Kim not only loves Zumba, she is passionate about it as a way to get and be healthy while having fabulous fun!

Was the Universe trying to tell me something?

Summer 2010 had arrived and I was browsing through our local Park & Recreation catalog of activities. There it was, sitting right before me….Zumba. In June I introduced myself to Zumba. It was as much fun as it looked and something I thought I might be able to stick with. Not without some difficulties, of course. Fun as it may be, I have had my struggles with my Zumba experience. Most of which have merely existed in my head.

Showing up for the Journey

With the support of family and friends I have chosen to show up for my hour long sweat extravaganza at least twice a week; one with mirrors and one without mirrors. Guess which one I like better? LOL My daughter never hesitates to remind me that I have a Zumba class. In fact, before I even rolled out of bed this morning she said, “You have Zumba tonight.”

My first instructor was a 60-something woman by the name of Victoria. She taught a very basic, beginner class with lots of yoga and Pilate flavor mixed in. With my having lived a mostly sedentary life over the past ten years, and being about forty pounds overweight, it was quite the workout for me. When she left and I found Dolly I thought I was going to die. While she tailors her routine around us old folks, hee-hee, she puts our butts into motion moving, grooving, shaking, sashaying, side stepping, six-counting, cha-cha-ing, shimmying, jumping, salsa-ing….she’s a fabulous instructor who mixes things up, keeping the workouts fresh and fun. And, oh, that Salsa series! I didn’t think I’d ever get it, but I have and it’s become one of my favorites! Sometimes I find myself at home with m’ headphones on, blaring full throttle... six-count.

Zumba tickles…

Zumba has brought me out of my box. Zumba challenges me to move outside of my comfort zone. Zumba inspires me to question beliefs I have about my Self. Zumba has me moving and grooving. Zumba has increased my confidence. Zumba has improved my posture. Zumba is changing my body. I walk a little straighter…er, taller now; shoulders back, glad to be alive. My arms don’t rub my sides when I do shoulder roles during the cool-down. My inner thighs are barely touching any more. I feel better about myself and more capable. Zumba is bringing out the best parts of me. I’m learning to love my Zumba experience. It’s true. I made Zuppa Toscana for dinner last week and when I called my daughter and husband to the table I said,

“Come dish up….the Zumba is ready!” LOL


  1. >I cannot BELIEVE I missed this!!!!! Syda...your writing brings me such peace today. I'm having moments of doubt...not about Zumba don't get me wrong. Zumba is the one thing in my life I can say I do RIGHT. I had an incident with my husband that has hurt me so deeply I want to run away from home and never look back...with a little middle finger pointing in his direction just to show I'm human and angry. Something prompted me to come to the Zumba Posse Page today..which led me to this post of yours. Holy cow...I just feel soooo good right now. Not just because of the lovely things you said, but because of how it's affected you so positively. Everytime I step into the gym to teach a class, I am overwhelmed with joy that I get to do this job. And that this passion of mine inspires others too is seriously the frosting on the cake. I have a student, a woman, who has been doing her own "searching" for fulfillment, and as a result of taking my classes has decided she too would like to be instructor. I'm delighted and "Zumba tickled." You are awesome. I am in such appreciation right now. Thank you...and keep on doing what you're doing!!!! Zumba love!!!


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