Monday, March 14, 2011

STuck iN a fUnK

It appears I didn't get myself to the computer Saturday to leave m' Saturday List O' Seven. Ooops! You know how it is....sometimes you just get stuck in a funk and can't see a blasted thing through the fog. I feel it coming but I just can't seem to stop it and then the plumbing goes out. Really! Water washing across the bathroom floor from underneath the sink!

Come on! Don't I have enough for my husband to do?

Sometimes you just can't fight it. Sometimes you just have to let them ride because the more you try to get out of them, the more they grab hold and pull you down. So while I let it ride the last couple of's m' List O' Seven.

STuck iN a fUnK....List O' Seven:


helping daughter with science project



computer games...yeah, I'm a farmer

need I say more?


How do you handle your funky moods? Can you see them coming? How do you get out of them?


  1. >Like this list. I handle my funky moods by admitting I'm in them and then just go to my cave and ride it out. Sometimes they creep up and then BAM!! Again, nothing to do but go to the cave....

  2. >Thank you Dear Heart. xoxo


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