Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunday Sifting: I Was Misinformed

I thought I had everything under control.

Turns out I was misinformed.

Do you ever find yourself in a place where you think you have everything under control only to find out that you don't? You're cruising along, getting things done, minding your own business, nose to the screen of your iPhone or iPad, tweeting away when you run....BAM!....right into a telephone pole.

Do those even still exist? :)

I feel as though I've been really busy and productive, but seeing little progress. I want to be more places than I can be and do more than I have time to do. All this doing has left me feeling scattered, disconnected, uninspired and unmotivated.

Still I decided to make it even more fun and interesting.

I murdered my Netbook.

Yes, I am techicidal maniac. The Netbook's constant rebellion drove me over the edge. I knew I was not buying another PC and while I can't afford to spend the dough on the Mac I want, I got a wild hair to rush out and purchase the iPad I said I'd never get.

The interesting thing is...a few hours after I had returned home from purchasing the iPad I said I'd never buy I learned that Steve Jobs had passed. I began to think the destruction of the netbook; the sudden, obsessive-compulsive desire to buy an iPad was all an incredible dance perfectly choreographed to take place when it did. As I gushed over my shiny, new toy I was unknowingly celebrating the life of an innovative, inspiring, creative man. I am in love with the iPad I said I'd never buy.

Sometimes, in the midst of choosing so much fun & adventure, the Universe decides to keep the ball rolling.

Click. Start. Shut down. Restart. Walk away. Go to bed.

I live such an uneventful and boring life. The Universe obviously thinks so because I awoke to the adventure that will consume my weekend; and perhaps the following week. My barely-a-year-old-desktop decided to lose its operating system. I didn't have time to help it find itself. I needed to get my daughter to school and get to Target for essentials. It would just have to wait.

Later it would appear that it was trapped within itself. In a desperate, third attempt I hit the ESC key and viola! Operating system found!

Was it a fluke? Is there something seriously wrong with the hard drive? I don't know. It is, however, a great motivator to back up my files in between loads of laundry, tennis matches, playing chauffeur, meal prep, mailing a little creative love & a myriad of other daily tasks. It's been a year since I've backed up my desktop and as I have been spending a great deal of time purging my physical space it appears it is time to purge my virtual space as well.

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. While I may not appreciate the timing in which things happen...

Message received.

I prefer to keep portable, external backups of my photos, documents, music and download files. In the past I have done this via a zillion CDs. Over the years I've learned a few things about naming and filing away my files to make it easier to find what I'm looking for and to back things up without a myriad of duplicates. Or, so I thought.

Things are getting out of hand. It is time to clean things up; purge what is unnecessary. All this clutter on my computer is as suffocating as the clutter in my physical space.

I do have a confession to make. I get a little lazy sometimes and just throw crap in the junk drawer. Yes, my computer has a junk drawer...or two...or three. I can't organize things on CDs as easily as I used to. Or even on DVDs.

The techie work continues. Yesterday I carefully examined 85 CDs. Yeah, I exaggerated a little when I said “a zillion CDs.” It was more like 85. How in the hell….?

So glad to see those go.

At the moment, all I have left is to make certain my 9,000+ photographs are properly labeled, filed and backed up. Today I needed a break and took some time to Look for My Muse. I’m feeling much better now.

What are you going to do with all those CDs?

My husband posed this question to me. I had an answer! I recently purchased a Zutter Bind it All and I'm going to use a good portion of the CDs to make mini books. I also like to use CDs to make greeting cards. I have loads to work now and while I'm not what one would call "green".... I am happy that they won't be occupying a landfill.

What thoughts are sifting through your mind this Sunday morning?

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