Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Word...Or, Twelve?

Happy New Year!!

It is that time of the year again. The time for transitioning into a new year when we make resolutions, create a laundry list of goals we rarely meet and set an intention for the kind of year we would like to have.

I gave up making resolutions several years ago. It occurred to me that making resolutions was implying that something was wrong with me and I wanted to move away from that frame of mind. Has it worked? Not exactly, but each year I do something a little different and eventually the right mix of ingredients will come to me.

I've been noticing a one-word movement being declared on Twitter, Facebook and blogs to describe 2011 and to set an intention for 2012 . In fact, I participated in this movement last year.

Don't ask me what word I chose. For the life of me I cannot recall. :)

I have given this a lot of thought. I have searched the many crevices of my mind for a word. I can't do it. I just can't do it. While it may work for many other blessed souls, it doesn't work for me. I lost focus. I failed to live up to my intended word and that made me feel...well...bad. Choosing one word feels limiting to me. Choosing one word feels as though I have been dropped off at the most amazing art and craft store, but I'm only allowed to purchase ONE item.

When does that ever happen?

For word isn't enough.

I have decided to choose twelve words. Yep! You guessed it! One for each month of the year. Rather than follow-along I am choosing to march to the beat of my own drum and see where it takes me. My to-do list is being transformed into a list of intentions I can apply to various areas of my life, along with (hopefully) some real-life-action steps to create more of said word in my day-to-day meanderings.
First Word. Three Syllables.

January :: Commitment ::

and, in no particular order (although I have a bit of an idea :) )

  • Love
  • Movement
  • Joy
  • Nurturing
  • Awareness
  • FearLESSness
  • Connection
  • Organization/de-Clutter
  • Believe
  • Gratitude
  • Generosity

subject to change

How about you? Are you declaring a one-word intention? Making resolutions? Setting specific goals? Listing a hundred things (big & small) you'd like to experience, see, try?

Happy New Year and many blessings of love, joy, laughter and health in 2012!!


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