Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sifting Through :: Trust

For the past few years I have joined many others in the creative community and chosen a word, an intention, a focus for the coming New Year apposed to making ill-chosen resolutions I will never keep in the first place.

2010 was a year of change.  A lot of things changed.  I tried new things.  I took the plunge and began morphing Kreative Notions into a business.  I was looking forward to 2011 and continuing the journey of change.  

But I needed balance.

I am an often compulsive, sometimes neurotic, introvert.  In 2011 I chose Balance as my word for the year.  However, the changes that occurred during the previous year stalled and my journey appeared to come to a complete stop.  I either never found balance or misplaced it.  If you see it, can you send it to me?  I know you may want to keep it, but I’d really like to have it.

In 2012 I chose twelve words, one for each month of the year.  I think I made it to March before I lost all focus.  Perhaps my intentions weren’t clear.  Perhaps I tried to mask previous resolutions to get healthy, lose weight, find balance and step out of the box by calling them intentions.  Perhaps I believed that by calling them intentions, rather than resolutions, they would somehow magically manifest themselves with no help from me.

I racked my brain trying to decide on this year’s word.  I know I need balance and consistency in my life.  I know I need and want to live healthier, happier and bravely.  I’ve recently come to realize that I am a fear junky and I hide away a lot; always second guessing myself, affirming the belief that I am not enough.  I sat with the word brave for a while, but it wasn’t calling me as loudly enough. 

Trust? Or, Enough?

I hold back.  I hide.  I sit on the sidelines unsure of when to cheer.  I am quiet and fail to speak because I often don’t know what to say, or believe that what I have to say isn’t good enough, funny enough, interesting enough.  I am not enough.  I worry too.  My daughter is a teenager...with a boyfriend....have I taught her enough? 

Trust and You Are 

Trust encompasses everything.  Through trust we live confidently and bravely.  Through trust we create, and share, and write, and put ourselves out there.  Through trust we are consistent, productive and present.  Through trust in ourselves we are able to trust our kids to make their own choices...sometimes.  :)  Through trust we are able to believe we are enough.  We have to trust ourselves to experience our worth.  We have to trust ourselves to trust others because it really isn't about them.  It's about us.  It is through trust that we know, see and love.

My word, my focus, my intention for 2013 is to trust myself enough.  To celebrate this I have ordered a handmade Soul Mantra necklace from Liz Lamoreux to wear as a reminder.  I can't wait for it to arrive!!  Perhaps you'd like to purchase one for yourself with your Soul Mantra Word for the year. 

Happy New Year to you!  May 2013 overflow with moments sprinkled with glitter, joy-filled belly laughs and dreams come true.

Do you set an intention; choose a word each year?  Do you make resolutions?  Share your word, resolution, dream or goal for 2013 in the comments below.


  1. Syda I love this! I feel we have so much in common. Maybe a word would work for me. I am going to think of one.

    All the best to you and TRUST !!!


    1. Thanks Kim! I agree! It does seem like we have a lot in common. Happy New Year to YOU!!! xoxi


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