Friday, June 7, 2013

Sifting Through....Moving (Part 1): Preparation

May 23, 2013

I live in a small three bedroom, one bathroom house with Mr. Milkman and our teenage daughter. Built in 1959 it still contains most of its original pieces and parts. To be quite honest, I have never been excited about living in this space; just a hair over a thousand square feet. Not to mention that this old house doesn't have any of our modern day conveniences: no dishwasher, no central heat and air, a single wall heater with a simple on/off switch and a kitchen that houses the water heater and laundry appliances.

We've been here sixteen years and have put thousands of our own dollars into this property. We've battled repeated plumbing issues, repaired water damage from a leaky roof, installed a whole house fan to ease the discomfort of blazing summer days and replaced part of the decaying bathroom with new tub and tile, as well as the kitchen sink. I have wanted to move for years, but my husband wouldn't hear of it. He was extremely attached to this property. However, the list of repairs needed and upgrades desired continues to get longer and longer with no end in sight.

Did I mention we rent? Yes. We rent. We do not own this house. It is owned by a family member.

Recently, Mr. Milkman had a change of heart and decided that we should, in fact, move. Our current residence just needs too much work and with it being owned by someone else...our options to actually have the work done are limited.

So the search began. It wasn't an easy search as we have family pets and the majority of landlords do not allow pets. We discovered a house coming up for rent that would consider pets. We weren't thrilled with its location. Personally, I'd rather stay on this side of the river, in the same school district, and closer to the area I do all of my shopping, and running around. As time went on and our options grew smaller we decided to give the first house we found a try. I could get used to having to drive across the river every day. I already curse the traffic. I'll just curse a little more. :) As my daughter is already on the roster for her current school, it's just a matter of a little paperwork to file an inter-district transfer. We had to jump through a few extra hoops, but the dog loving landlord decided to give us and our indoor cat a chance. We pick up the keys tomorrow.

There is excitement, anticipation and exhaustion brewing. I've been packing and packing and packing and purging and purging and purging. My studio is being moved to a loft. So exciting! And we'll spend our first Sacramento summer in an air conditioned home in sixteen years! Oh my! I'll have an actual laundry room and 1700 square feet of space! (I'm going to need more furniture!  LOL)  I'll sip my morning cuppa on a covered deck and enjoy being tucked away in a quiet cull de sac.

I won't miss our neighbors barking dogs at all.  :)

Our new home is also going a little out of my comfort zone. The neighbors are closer. The house sits closer to the street. The yard is smaller. No hiding in this quiet little corner of the universe.

I'll miss a few things too. The neighborhood we're in now is quite rural. I'll miss the occasional deer visit, the wild turkeys and other gifts from nature. I'll miss our delightful mailman. He's watched our daughter grow up and he often goes above and beyond in his service.  I'll miss having a Starbucks just a mile away.

As one chapter ends, another is just starting.  Let the adventure begin.

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