Sunday, November 17, 2013

Be Careful What You Ask For

Once upon a time, I had friends.  Well, I still have friends.  It's just that over time these friendships have changed and are no longer blessed with long lunches or chats over lattes. These friendships are no longer local and are maintained over long distances and social media.

Being an at-home mom has made it challenging to create new friendships.  

During one of my pity parties a few weeks ago I scribbled it all out in my journal.  When I was done I simply thought, I need to find some place to meet people.  

You know what they say, "Be careful what you ask for.  You just might get it."  This is true.  We must be clear about what it is we want, and be mindful of what we're asking for.  Being too general in our quest leads to receiving that which we perhaps do not want.  

As I closed my journal, I whispered to the Universe asking It to show me a place to make friends.  I envisioned the kind of women I would like to meet.  Women who were near my age range and with whom I'd have something in common.  I envisioned a creative group that was not down town.

Then I let it go and didn't give it another thought.

Shortly after, I received a message from a potential client inquiring about the creative planner I have available for sale.   Turns out she's a local mixed media artist!  We chatted back and forth online and decided to get together for lunch.  It was a delightful meeting of creative minds!  Before we parted ways, she invited me to join a mixed media group she belongs to.  Fear began to rise in my throat like acid reflux.

Wow.  But, if this isn't a sign from the Universe, I don't know what is. 

I generally don't do groups.  But I remembered asking the Universe to show me some place where I could make friends.  How could this not be it?  Meeting with women who enjoy doing something I enjoy doing...mixed media art.  I had to keep myself open.  There was a minute pause as I clicked "attending" on the groups Meet Up site, but I had to practice my brave and go.  And it wasn't like I wouldn't know anybody.  I'd go having met Sylvia.    

I attended my first meeting of the Mixed Media Mavens earlier this month.  I didn't know how things would go.  If I'd feel comfortable.  If I'd forget about that little voice in my head.  I kept myself open.  Released self judgement and focused on enjoying the moment.  

Syliva greeted me with a warm smile, a hug, and great joy that I had arrived.  It was a small group, just four of us that day.  They were all delightful and positive and supportive.  It takes me a while to warm up, so I did more listening than sharing.  In addition, my new dental implant makes it a challenge to talk clearly at times.  It was lovely talking art and art supplies with people who "get it" and sharing e-courses and other artists we admire.  Most of the people in my real life remind me of a song on the latest Sara Bareilles album..."Let me paint a picture for you then I'll have to teach you to see it."  Here, among this group of women, there was no need for that.  

I told my daughter I'd probably leave early and not stay for the entire three hour gathering.  Heh.  I stayed 'till the end and I look forward to the next gathering on this new journey.

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