Monday, July 7, 2014


monday - monday - monday:

it's monday.  it's a little cloudy.  cool.  but it means it'll be quite muggy this afternoon when it warms up beyond 100.

i'm on the deck, sippin my coffee and waiting for something profound to hit me.  some insight.  some lesson.  some deep truth that lights me up.

i read a blog post on the Secret Rebel Club in which the writer stated:  "i am not an atheist. but i don't believe in god."

the statement rings so very true for me.  i am not an atheist.  but i don't believe in god.  certainly not in the kind of god i learned about as a child growing up.  

what do i believe?  

i believe there is magic, beauty and wonder in the world.  

i believe we are all connected.  

i believe there is something bigger than me.  i call it the universe.  it's a magical collaboration i believe we are all a part of.  each of us contributing our own unique power and energy to the mix.  just as every plant, flower, tree, bird and animal does.  everything is connected. everything and everyone has a purpose; something to offer and share.  perhaps that purpose is to make someone else's day, bring a smile to their face when they thought they had lost theirs.  let that be enough. because it is.

i believe thoughts become things and that our thoughts are the energy we release and extend to the world.  our thoughts are invitations and declarations to the universe and all those we collaborate with.

the hard part is applying this last bit to myself.  my inner voice.  so often i tear myself down and think i am not enough.  my art is not good enough.  no one is going to read this.  exactly what do i think i'm inviting into my life when i think these things?  

sometimes we have to deliberately choose our thoughts.  as hard as it can be to compliment ourselves, we must.  we need to say it until we believe it and every time Ms. F. Quibbler sticks her head through the door, slam it shut.  self-loathing invites more self-loathing.  procrastination invites more procrastination.  we don't learn to walk until we take that first baby step.

Step One:

i am enough.

i am enough.

i am enough.

i am enough.

i am enough.

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