Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Morning Ritual Returned

i awoke before the weekend alarm on my phone went off. having a new puppy will do that. so will a body that is getting a little older and your once cast iron bladder is more of a wrought iron. heh.

it was a delightfully cool morning, still in the 60's. certainly much cooler outside than it was inside. i pulled myself together, poured my cuppa and let my little rug rat out of his, bed. together we headed out to the back. he ran for the lawn, turning to make sure i was watching, and i sat in my favorite spot at the table on the deck. he quickly ran back for good boy praise and a training treat for doing his business outside. this potty business is a work in progress.

my daughter and husband slowly arose and headed out for their sunday morning ritual on the tennis courts. i settled down for mine.

in the few hours i have alone on sunday mornings i enjoy sitting on the deck with my planner and iPad. i wrap up my week, plan for the next and do a little reading {usually the latest edition of The Phoenix Soul}. i sat down and opened up my planner to see a completely blank spread. i haven't had a moment to sit with it this past week. so much white space. so much possibility. so much...emptiness.

what is it about white space that we equate to emptiness? what is it we are afraid of?

i couldn't let this sit the way it was so I jotted a few notes in each day and colored in some of the letters. i mean, i didn't want to forget that i can run faster now that i have a new pair of shoes, or that i spent a day setting up a new wide-format printer, or that i took my daughter graduation shopping and purchased her an iPhone upgrade. {the next one is on her, by the way}. these were important details of my life. aren't they?

then i saw the list. the blank list. the list i usually write the same things in week after week because i often don't conquer the list. it was really weighing on me. the perfectionist in me forcing her way out. demanding i fill the space. there are no doodles. not much color. no stickers or photographs or creative lettering. just my daily handwriting noting a few things. then i not fear the white space. let it go. emerge on the other side.

another week is about to begin. i can let this last week go. i was recovering from previous weeks of graduation activities, senior balls, dress shopping, errand running, house cleaning for guests and all the other day to day tasks. my mind was blown. i was exhausted. i needed a break. i needed to take a breather and just go with the flow...even if there wasn't one.

permission to pick up where you are and emerge on the other side.

Happy Sunday!

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