Saturday, June 24, 2017

Most Days

most days i am fine
or maybe i just pretend
they say you must behave
in order to believe
i’m not sure that’s true for me
i’ve pretended most my life
i keep trying though
maybe i’m not doing it right

most days i am fine
some days i’m not
shrouded in the darkness
of near suicidal thoughts
they say to reach out
sometimes i do
to the deafening silence of someone
tip-toeing around

most days i am fine
life is just a mess
sometimes the mud and the muck
are too much to bare
there’s no justice to be had
for the things that have been done to me
some things are what they are
eventually i will heal

most days i am fine
some days i am not
they say you have to love yourself
that’s not what i learned
other’s would decide
if I had any worth
so most my life i’ve waited
for the others to show up

most days i am fine
some days i am not
learning who i am
despite my broken heart
acknowledging my path
sharing stories untold
writing crappy poetry
reclaiming what they stole

smh 6/2017

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